The Stelvin® screw cap

Our FRAWINES® whites are very pleasantly fresh wines with a delicate bouquet.  So as not to alter the nature of our wines, we chose to bottle them in a controlled atmosphere with a Stelvin® screw cap,  preferring it to the other closures we had tested, including natural cork, that can taint these fresh wines with the “taste of cork” and treated cork, that modifies the wine’s natural flavours.

The STELVIN® screw cap is a technical closure for preserving the wine’s  aroma. A special bottom in tin alloy traps a bubble of nitrogen, an inert gas par excellence that, at the temperature of the wine cellar, acts as a noble gas, (“noble” for the inability of these gases to react chemically).  When the bottle is opened, on contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, the wine releases its perfumes in just a few seconds. By using the STELVIN® screw cap, we were able to reduce sulphites, particularly in white wines, which usually contain more sulphites because they are more delicate: in FRAWINES® whites, sulphite levels are always below the limits set for organic wines.


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